We bring education and technology together with visually rich digital experiences that lead to better learner and business outcomes. With many options to train and learn, we create the best delivery method, keeping the learner persona in mind—from entry-level to the C-suite.

We turn knowledge into action

A true partner at the table, we work closely with you to understand who the learners are and what knowledge they need to achieve a desired behaviour to fill performance gaps. The result is a creative, effective learning experience that aligns with your strategic goals and delivers results that matter.

No matter the size of the project or task, our team of learning strategists, instructional designers, developers and graphic designers are among the best in the business who develop end-to-end programs that not only bring online learning to life, but are truly authentic for organizations and reaches learners in a meaningful way.

Swap dull presentations for dynamic training programs that will empower learners and drive your business forward. With LiftOff Interactive, you can.

  • Enhance and refresh existing content

  • Train a diverse workforce

  • Reduce learning time

  • Better employee retention for training topics

  • Improve employee performance and understanding

  • Just-in-time accessibility for global (and remote) employees

  • Give employees ongoing access to key resources

  • Fit your employee’s flexible schedules

  • Ensure training consistency

    Reduce your organization’s environmental impact