What We Do

Have your learning experience stand out from the rest, boost learner performance and improve organizational outcomes. Check out all the ways we can make your vision a reality.

Learning Strategy


Micro Learning

Simple, effective learning strategies in bite-sized formats.

Digital apps and social media platforms have made quick hits of information the norm and LiftOff Interactive can deliver training the exact same way.

Using a combination of animations, videos, fact sheets and interactive elements, learners receive short bursts of information that sticks without the risk of them tuning out.

Comprehensive materials require a unique training approach.

Whether it’s onboarding a new employee or educating staff members on intellectual property rights, LiftOff Interactive can deliver information-dense subjects in an informative and engaging way.


Macro Learning

An in-depth learning approach for comprehensive materials.


Experiential Learning

A unique approach that allows learners to put their newfound skills to use in real-world examples.

A “learn by doing” approach that ensures learners not only absorb the relevant information but know how to use it.

LiftOff Interactive uses a combination of simulation-based training, multimedia tools and interactive videos that allows learners to reflect, analyze and put their newfound skills and knowledge into practice.

Every organization is unique, and your training program should reflect that.

LiftOff Interactive can provide an assessment and review of your current curriculum and work with you on meeting your goals and objectives. We can provide recommendations on everything from small updates to a comprehensive redesign.


Curriculum Design

A customized program that combines eLearning, in-person and hybrid training approaches into a streamlined design that meets your individual needs.

Learning Services



Simple, effective learning strategies in bite-sized formats.

An alternative to in-person training, eLearning provides learners with the necessary skills and knowledge in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

LiftOff Interactive creates custom eLearning content that is highly engaging, informative and on brand.

Using a multitude of tools including animations, videos and interactive elements, each training program is as unique as your company is.

Learners expect on demand content and eLearning allows them to complete the training on their own schedule on any device.

From one-pagers to highlighted lists, job aid and support materials provide learners with an overview of key objectives and takeaways

Simple and straightforward, the customized support materials break down comprehensive information and give learners an at-a-glance summary.

LiftOff Interactive combines instructional design with human-centered design to engage, motivate and educate learners.


Job Aid + Support Materials

Customized support materials that inform and empower learners. Easy-to-understand and highly visual.


Instructor-led Training/ Virtual Presentation

Training delivered with an instructor in-person or in a virtual environment.

Whether you opt for in-person or virtual training (or a combination of both), LiftOff Interactive has knowledgeable instructors ready to educate and inspire learners.

We will work with your company to find the solution that works best for your individual needs in a format that meets your time and budget constraints.

Each method of training includes multimedia tools, custom designs and interactive materials.

Our hands-on approach to systems training gives learners an opportunity to study and test their knowledge in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Learners can take the time they require to absorb the material and put it into practice before using it in real-world scenarios.

Training can be designed for a variety of systems, tools and procedures.


Systems Training

Providing learners with in-depth knowledge of new systems, software or procedures.



Digital Modernization

Take your training to the next level with a digital-first approach to engage your learners

Learners in the digital age expect more from their content and training modules are no exception.

Replace traditional training manuals with innovative digital content in a format that learners are most comfortable with.

We can update and refresh your existing materials with the latest technologies and learning methods to engage employees and meets your company’s goals.

A one-size-fits all approach doesn’t apply when it comes to training.

Targeting the right training to the right employees saves times and money and produces results.

LiftOff Interactive will work with your organization to gather the necessary information, identify the gaps and tailor the training program accordingly.


Needs Analysis

An in-depth assessment to identify which learners require training and how best to deliver it.


Program Evaluation

A comprehensive review of your organization’s existing training program to inform the development of a rich, seamless experience.

LiftOff Interactive will examine your organization’s current training landscape and provide a robust strategy on how to encourage employee uptake and get the ROI you’re looking for.

Options to refresh current programs or redesign from scratch.

Programs can include a mix of online and in-person learning.

A creative and innovative training program can only be successful with active employee participation.

Learners expect relevant and timely content when they need it, and we can work with you to deliver the training that best suits your learners.

We will also set tangible goals and measure the results to ensure you’re meeting your company’s KPIs.


Delivery Platforms

Customized training tailored to suit your learners’ individual needs.